Last Friday we were married at the Latrobe Hospital. I can’t thank Kate enough for the effort, time, and compassion she put into ensuring a special ceremony… Kate was my chosen celebrant to marry us this December however circumstances changed with my sick mother and we urgently wanted to get married in just 3 days time. I called her up in a panic at 8:30pm last week and explained our situation and without even a moment of hesitation she told me not to worry she will make it happen and she will take care of everything, and that she did. That night, she pre wrote our vows, emailed them to me at nearly midnight!!! … and we turned up at her doorstep finishing our vows right up until 10pm the night before the wedding! I was so anxious, stressed and sad and then stunned how she went above and beyond for us at such a hard time. She delivered such a heartwarming ceremony and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Kate for your hard work and for making yourself available. You have the heart of an angel and we are both so grateful for everything you did for us xx